Portable, reliable measurement accuracy

The need for reliable measurement accuracy and portable field instruments has resulted in this company’s focus on design, development and manufacture of four instrumentation calibrators:


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• Temperature calibrator
• LOOP II mA calibrator
• Pressure II pressure calibrator
• Load cell tester or calibrator

These portable process control calibrators are ideal for weighing and temperature in the process instrumentation industry. They are suitable for use in servicing, repairs in workshops and in tough plant environments


Take note

  • Local manufacturers are designing and developing world-class instruments.
  • Calibration is a critical part of any instrument system.
  • Locally manufactured process control calibrators make calibration quick and easy.
Published as:
Portable process control calibrators
by H du Plessis, Instrotech
Electricity+Control, May 2012 (pgs 4 - 5)