Goodbye to the weakest link

With the incorporation of the ARC-system into its process measuring sensors, a bridge has been created into the digital future for pH-, dissolved oxygen-, and conductivity measurements. Three application concepts – from standard single loop operation, via analogue interfaces up to complex field bus linkage – take the different requirements of various customers into account: Biotech-laboratory and production, as well as plant-contractors. All concepts feature the same: The external transmitter is removed – and therefore the weakest link in signal transmission is removed.


Take note:

  • External transmitters are often the weakest link in sensor communications technology.
  • Ideally the transmitter is fully integrated into the process sensor – a major R&D challenge.
  • Modern miniaturisation of electronics has made it possible to achieve this ideal situation.


Published as: Bridge into the digital future

By EK Springer, Mecosa, Electricity+Control, May 2011 (pgs 4 – 6)